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Monster Space: Buggane Sprite by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Buggane Sprite
Buggane sprite from Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds.  Like my other Kobolds, they are based on moles.  In the Buggane's case, they are just more sinister looking star-nosed moles when compared to regular Kobolds.

Bugganes are like the Ogres of the Kobold world.  They are slow and seemingly dimwitted, but are incredibly powerful and to be feared.  As a whole they worship the great Zobolds of the world, with each tribe that possesses one usually only knowing of that one Zobold and worshiping it as their central deity.  Also, they don't like you.  Their aggression level worldwide also doubles after you kill your first Zobold.  They sometimes ally with other aggressive Kobold species, and even the rare few can be found "tamed" amongst the normal Kobold.
Monster Space: Fobold Sprite by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Fobold Sprite
Fobold sprite from Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds.  Like my other Kobolds, they are based on moles; Fobolds are inspired by Golden Moles.  Yes, I know they aren't real moles, but I don't really care.

Fobolds are nearly completely blind, having had the skin grow over their eyes and leaving them only able to detect light and darkness.  They are surprisingly aggressive for such a blind creature, and will quickly hunt down light sources they find to put them out, although this isn't thought to have anything to do with a hatred of light and more out of the deducing that there is an adventurer behind each light -- that is what spurs their aggression, although why this is isn't understood completely.  This is evident in their avoidance of attacking Globolds, a bioluminescent breed of Kobold that Fobolds have come into contact with on a few occasions.

In MS/DW, Fobolds are the most aggressive of all Kobold species, being even greater than the Buggane.  They will attack with their claws and saberteeth, although their accuracy is low.

Their name pun derives from the word "foe".
Monster Space: Kobold Sprite by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Kobold Sprite
Just a regular Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds Kobold sprite.  Kobolds of my design for Diakatan are pretty much molefolk; being a follower of Warcraft since Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, I of course wanted to keep with the subterranean creature-style Kobolds but wanted to differentiate from them and move away from the idea of them being rats.  Naturally, this led to them becoming moles, because what is more subterranean and mammalian than a mole?  They are not necessarily evil and have a rivalry with the silicon lifeforms, the Dwarves.  They also feed on another subterranean sapient race, the wormfolk.  Like Goblins and constructs, Kobolds have a lot of pun-based varieties to them.

In MS/DW, regular Kobolds are not naturally aggressive towards Humans and in fact are your primary allies in subterranean locations, supplying refuge in their settlements and quests for adventurers.  One ought to be cautious around other types of Kobolds though, such as the Buggane, as they are much more aggressive.
Monster Space: Land Orc Sprite by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Land Orc Sprite
Just a regular Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds Land Orc sprite.  Not to be confused with the Black Orcs or the Sea Orcs of my design from the same games, or the various media Orcs that also appear in Dangerous Wilds.

Land Orcs abound in the area of Monster Space that has become merged with Myrjilon, their homeland from their own land and realm.  They are strong but most people think that they are not particularly bright (this isn't true of course).  Their movement is slower than a human but definitely hits harder.  The player can collect random Orc Head drops as a helmet and Orc Smashers (see: their arms) as weapons.  Wearing both of these also allows a player to slip into Orc territory without Orc aggression, although Goblins will spot you through the disguise and alert others to your presence, so be careful.
Monster Space: Coblin Sprite by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Coblin Sprite
A Coblin as it appears in Monster Space and its sequel, Dangerous Wilds.

Coblins are one of innumerable genetic mutations of the original Goblin race, produced by the great lich Mordecai.  With the opening of the portal to Earth, numerous Coblins have escaped to wreak mischief.  Coblins have been combined with vegetation, allowing them to produce their own food through photosynthesis as well as allowing them to eat their own korn growths, as well.

This darn Goblin creature was so cool to me when I made it, it actually intimidated me from making all the other pun-based Goblin species, thinking they would look less like the Coblin and Boblin and more like the Awwblin (which is OK looking if you know what you are looking at but mostly just looks like hard-to-decipher junk, if you ask me).

Anyway, as an enemy in Monster Space and Dangerous Wilds, they slowly regenerate health so long as they are in the light and can regain spurts of health by eating their own korn cobs.  They can also root to the ground to prevent attacks that would cause them to move in some manner.
The E stands for Emergence!

I've had a lot going on lately, including but not limited to the fact that our Wifi connection boxes both started working very spottily (the "gray one" was taking more time to start back up than it would stay working and the "blue one" had fallen a few months ago and cracked itself open and it finally started to fail).  Plus it seems that my password was changed, presumably by a hacker (I doubt someone here at the house altered it as a sort of prank).  It's all good now though, I think.

I have a lot to upload, so expect me to upload a bit o' stuff soon.  Tonight even, if I can close down enough tabs to not worry about, you know...having a lot of tabs open.  It was at 86 tabs before I started working on closing them down.

I was thinking of adding screenshots of my Spore creations I've made over the years, but then I realized that'd be over a thousand images; I don't really know if anyone would really want to sort through all that, haha. I also was going to mention it's my birthday tomorrow (or for you likely, today -- given that it's June 2nd and I live near the earliest time), but since I apparently already have 6 birthday cake badges, I guess I don't really need to mention it, do I? lol... Anyhow, yes; expect stuff happening shortly. Hopefully tonight but maybe not tonight.
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