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I again have a lot I have neglected to share with anyone on here.  However as you may expect (as it seems to happen every time), comp crashed and am currently working to alleviate the problem.  In this case, my feline chewed through the power cord within seconds of being out of my sight and now I simply have to figure out why the new universal charger I bought does not work at all for it (despite claiming it works for my model).  So maybe I have to replace the battery, too.

In other words, surprise, I've got nothing to share.
Blaze: Sonic Reunion Revamp by gokou-sama
Blaze: Sonic Reunion Revamp
Finally got the revamp of my ancient Sonic the Hedgehog fan character, Blaze the Hedgehog, drawn in his new revision appearance as of Sonic Reunion.

The character was originally created in 1995, and was initially a recolor of super sonic (as you can see remade in earlier images posted on here).  He was for a post-apocalyptic Sonic game idea I had back then called "Snip the Strip" (referring to cutting a Moebius Strip to both split it into two -- a reference to the alternate timeline created -- and eliminate its... well, its whole point -- hinting at what happens to the timeline).  Though for years I wanted him to remain a recolor and have been erased from existence at the end of StS, I needed him to appear in Sonic Reunion, which has all my characters as well as most of the canonical ones.  However I eventually decided to give him a new look for this, and gave him the leather jacket/sweater I wear in real life and the fingerless gloves I used to wear, to give a devious look -- although it's based off my favorite coat to wear, it also kind of gives him an Alex Mercer sort of appearance (though the drawing here has the hood down).  I gave him futuristic boots and decided to go with a cut concept idea intended for Silver (as now that there are more male hedgehogs officially, who his ancestor is is now more confusing so I wanted to give him minor aspects of all three Hedgehogs).  I kept these boots the same color designs as his original shoes.

In case you're one of those going to ask, the character's name was created in 1995, a full ten years before Blaze the Cat debuted.  His theme song in this design is The Offspring's Feelings, due to his intense hatred and sense of vengeance towards Sonic.
Monster Space: Werelociraptor by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Werelociraptor
Werelociraptor sprite from Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds.

Initially werelociraptors will randomly appear amongst Deinonychus packs, but eventually full packs of Werelociraptors can appear.  They hunt in small but deadly packs and can be a a definite threat to adventurers, especially since they are only weak to silver weaponry.  Despite there being several species Deinonychus, all Werelociraptors are similar to this, though there are some different aesthetic colorations that may appear such as black or albino.  Instead of the Deinonychus' trademark reinforcement call, Werelociraptors will howl.
Monster Space: Deinonychus by gokou-sama
Monster Space: Deinonychus
Deinonychus antirrhopus sprite from Monster Space/Dangerous Wilds.  They hunt in small but deadly packs and can be a serious threat to adventurers.  A number of different varieties are shown to exist in the game, and this breed, though Deinonychus, operate like the Velociraptors seen in Jurassic Park, even calling in reinforcements with the same trademark sound.

Certain Deinonychus can be revealed to be lycanthropes known as Werelociraptors.
The E stands for Emergence!

I've had a lot going on lately, including but not limited to the fact that our Wifi connection boxes both started working very spottily (the "gray one" was taking more time to start back up than it would stay working and the "blue one" had fallen a few months ago and cracked itself open and it finally started to fail).  Plus it seems that my password was changed, presumably by a hacker (I doubt someone here at the house altered it as a sort of prank).  It's all good now though, I think.

I have a lot to upload, so expect me to upload a bit o' stuff soon.  Tonight even, if I can close down enough tabs to not worry about, you know...having a lot of tabs open.  It was at 86 tabs before I started working on closing them down.

I was thinking of adding screenshots of my Spore creations I've made over the years, but then I realized that'd be over a thousand images; I don't really know if anyone would really want to sort through all that, haha. I also was going to mention it's my birthday tomorrow (or for you likely, today -- given that it's June 2nd and I live near the earliest time), but since I apparently already have 6 birthday cake badges, I guess I don't really need to mention it, do I? lol... Anyhow, yes; expect stuff happening shortly. Hopefully tonight but maybe not tonight.
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